• Do you struggle with some of your dog’s unwanted behaviour, such as jumping up on people, and/or chewing things he shouldn’t?
  • Does your dog often ignore you when you tell him to sit, come, or stay?
  • Do you want your dog to pay attention to you, even around distractions?
  • Do you want a dog that you can thoroughly enjoy where ever you go with him?

Well, a good dog is possible, and the key is training with clear communication, patience, persistence, and a lot of fun.

The result will be: a dog that will pay more attention to you, even around distractions; a dog that enjoys the learning activity, and wants to do more of it; and a dog that will understand what you are asking him to do, and is willing to do it.

So, what is the next step?

Click on the Programs tab and choose from a variety of training options that have been designed to suit a family’s individual training needs. You will find programs for both group, and private training classes that are designed to teach you the proper techniques that will result in a well behaved dog at home and out in public.

Additionally, personal training programs are available for those who may lack the time in their busy schedules, or for those who would just like to utilize the skills of a professional to do the training for them, with follow-up private sessions to ensure consistency.

At Chasing Tails, we are committed to helping you to achieve your training goals. We will work with you to ensure you establish clear communication with your dog and that your dog will respond reliably. You will be able to enjoy the dog you always dreamed of, one that is more calm and well-behaved, one that has a secure and special place within the family unit.